Settle Your Divorce Outside of the Courtroom

Settle Your Divorce Outside of the Courtroom

Meet with a divorce lawyer in Corning, NY for mediation

Filing for divorce requires piles of paperwork and a lot of decisions. Let the Law Office of Terrence J. Baxter bear some of that burden. Our firm in Corning, New York will handle all the legal paperwork for you. If you'd like mediation services, our divorce lawyer can help you come to an agreement with your significant other about your assets. We also have experience with concurrent jurisdiction.

Going through a divorce can be difficult. However, a divorce law attorney can help you move through the process a little easier. Make an appointment with our firm today.

Make arrangements for your joint assets

Splitting your assets is one of the most challenging parts of a divorce. The logistics can be complicated. Thankfully, with help from an experienced attorney, you can navigate the legal side of things easily.

A divorce law attorney can help you settle disputes surrounding...

  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Real estate holdings
  • Financial assets

By speaking with a divorce lawyer, you can resolve disputes with help from a third party. Contact us today for representation.